Week of the Young Child Day #2

On this ‘Healthy Habits Day’, Mr. Mike made an obstacle course that had our preschooler’s hearts pumping!  Then, make it a two-team relay race, and you had our competitive kids using everything they had to help their team “win”.  But Wyatt said something that was very philosophical…..”There is not winners or losers…just winners and learners!”

Tomorrow, let’s wear ‘wacky’ clothing or a magician’s hat!  It’s Wacky Wednesday and we’re having a magician!

Also, the final gymnastics session begins tomorrow.  If you haven’t signed your child up, just give the office a phone call.

Today we heard the tall and funny tale called A Dark Dark Tale by Ruth Brown.  The mood and suspense is heightened by the shadow, cobwebs and absence of anyone, except a cat.  With this theme in mind, we prepared sheets of paper to make ‘etchings’ tomorrow.  It will be fun!

Week of the Young Child Day #1

This Music Monday had us all clapping, singing, and dancing.  We had Judy Stock, who has a business called Music for Children, come and entertain us in the gym.  She certainly had all the children engaged and involved!

Dancing Day 2


Dancing Day 1

Dancing Day 3

Tomorrow, wear your S. U. clothing and be prepared to do an obstacle course made by Mr. Mike……..fun!!!

Thank you!

Our ‘Cereal Drive’ was a huge success!  Sister Dolly and the Franciscan Ministry appreciated the kindness of our Gingerbread Families!  Thank you!cereal drive


We just noticed that it doesn’t say whom to make the check payable to on the portrait picture packages!!!!!  Please make your check payable to The Gingerbread House.  Thank you!   And, we have an extension on the due date……it is now Wednesday, April 12th.

Book Series

In case your child has been coming home talking about some out of the ordinary animals and creatures, here is the explanation.  I purchased a set of books from the Scholastic Book Club thinking a few of them might interest the Chocolate Chips.  These books have been the biggest hit in educational literature I’ve ever had in my career as a teacher.  There are called Who Would Win? by Jerry Pallotta.  Even though we don’t talk about fighting at school……these books had the children completely engaged in comparing and contrasting animals, and then predicting who would win if they were to ‘fight’.  The books are full of pictures and so many interesting facts that the ‘animal-loving’ Chocolate Chips listened to every word.  Sadly, tomorrow is the last one.

Hopefully, you have all begun thinking about bonnets and ties for the Easter Parade on Wednesday night, April 12th at 5:30 p.m.  The children are practicing and the program (although short) should be fantastic!!!  There will be videos available.



We talked about the arrival of Spring this week, even though the weather did not feel like it knew what the date was.  While continuing to work on printing, we’re also working on sound recognition.  In doing some pretend spelling, I was reminded of how difficult the letter ‘W’ is to hear.  Although the actual letter has a sound, children think that it is actually that a letter ‘Y’ is the beginning letter of w-words.  For example, we talked about ‘wild’ animals, and the letter ‘Y’s sound can be heard.  Our language is very difficult!!!

After reading The King Who Rained, it was fun to talk about how words sometimes have two different meanings.  We were able to illustrate this with ‘bear feet’.  By saying “Do you have bare feet?”, the meaning was completely different than when we wore ‘bear feet’ on top of our shoes.  Alex came up with one completely on her own!  She said her tongue in her mouth was different from the ones in her shoes…..WOW!

We have begun our Easter Parade practice on the stage.  Please join us on April 12th at 5:30 p.m.  There will be more details coming home in the school bags next week.

Have a good weekend!